GfE Company History - A success story since 1911

The company history of GfE begins in 1911 with the foundation by Paul Grünfeld and has developed successfully ever since ...

1913 Proud technical pioneers1929 Visionary Development1930 Hard Workday1930 Impressive Fireworks1930er Precise Details1935 Beyond the City1945 Need Production and potato beetle poison1945 Imaginative1952 Successfull1960 Team oriented1969 Cosmopolitan1990 - Today1990 - Today1990 - Today2011 - 100 Years GfEToday - Investment Future

1913 Proud pioneers of technology at GfE

Proud Pioneers of Technology - In 1913 a state-of-the-art electric furnace is put into operation.

1929 Visionary Development

Visionary Development - As early as 1929 the main lab was the core of the company regarding product development and quality assurance.

1930 Hard working life

Hard Working Life - During the 1930s workers performed exceptionally hard physical work, especially in the melting process.



1930 Impressive Fireworks

Around 1930 the flying sparks emerging during the aluminothermic combustion were rather hazardous.

1930er Precise Details

Many small furnaces and very hard manual labour were characteristic of the aluminothermic production of the 1930s.

1935 Outside the city

In 1935 the factory site of GfE was located in what was still rural areas.

1945 Emergency manufacturer

Emergency Manufacturer, including producer of potato beetle insecticide. From producer of emergency supplies in the post war period to worldwide leading manufacturer of Ferro-alloys.

1945 Resourceful

Resourceful - During the immediate post war years, food from the land was organised for workers using a wood-gas fuelled truck.

1952 Successful

Successful - During the international week of winter sports in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 1952, the GfE team wins the alpine ski-run.

1960 Teamwork

Teamwork - 1960 - Smelters accomplish their work by combining their strength.

1969 World resources

World resources - From 1969 onwards slag containing vanadium has been docked at the canal harbour in Fürth from South Africa. This is then transported to GfE and used in processing Ferro Vanadium.

1990 – today

From a manufacturer of mass alloys to a leading manufacturer of high-performance materials.

1990 – today: Customer specific manufacture

Customer specific manufacture - The targets are formed according to customers' request through various mechanical treatments.

1990 – today: Highest quality

Highest Quality - Our products are carefully monitored during all stages of production - from raw material to the finished products.

2011 – 100 Years GfE

2011 - 100 Jahre GfE

Today: Investment in the future

Investment in the Future - In all areas, whether training or research, GfE sets the highest quality standards.

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