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18.06.2019 - The IOB visits GfE

No matter if it's students from the surrounding vocational schools, university students, or other seekers of knowledge: GfE regularly opens its doors to outside visitors and demonstrates on site its many years of experience and expertise in the field of high-performance materials.

During the week of Pentecost, we welcomed a group of 23 undergraduates and doctoral candidates from the Institut für Industrieofenbau und Wärmetechnik (Institute for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering; IOB) led by engineering professor Dr. Herbert Pfeifer to the Nuremberg plant and gave them a tour of the various production areas of GfE.

As part of an excursion week, the IOB of RWTH Aachen visited several production companies in southern Germany and Austria to gain practical insights into industrial processes. In addition, it offered the university students an opportunity to get to know interesting employers.  ORG

16.05.2019 - Our team joins the B2Run

Out of your work clothes, out of your office chair - put on your running shoes. As a traditional Nuremberg company, we will once again be at the starting line for the B2Run in Nuremberg. The B2RUN takes place in a total of 17 big cities in Germany. The attractive course around the Dutzendteich and the breathtaking finish in the Max Morlock Stadium are genuine highlights for every Franconian.

The GfE race team comes from almost every department. We look forward to being a part of this athletic event. The starting gun will sound on July 23 at 6:00 PM!   ORG

06.05.2019 - GfE at SVC TechCon 2019

Already for the 62nd time, the SVC TechCon took place this year. It is a renowned meeting point for all experts in the field of vacuum coating technologies and materials. Along with the conference program, over 150 exhibitors presented their products and innovations over two days in Long Beach, CA, USA. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of metal and ceramic coating materials, GfE was at sight once more and also supported the event as a sponsor.  ORG

13.11.2018 - GfE at glasstec 2018

GfE at glasstec 2018 1,280 exhibitors and more than 42,000 visitors from over 120 countries: at its 25th anniversary event the glasstec clearly demonstrated once more in Düsseldorf to be the leading trade fair of the international glass industry.

Certainly, GfE could not be missing in this framework and was showcasing its product innovations and highlights of PVD coating materials on the four trade fair days. The favourable situation in the industry was reflected by a consistently positive atmosphere in the discussions and promising contacts at our booth.

The next glasstec will be held in line with the regular cycle in two years from 20 to 23 October 2020 - we are already looking forward to your visit.


21.11.2017 - GfE Fremat changes its registered office - GfE Fremat continues the development of the Brand-Erbisdorf location

We are proud to announce that GfE Fremat GmbH continues the expansion at the production site in Brand-Erbisdorf. The construction activities for the building extension have begun. With their completion, a sustainable corporate concept is implemented, which also includes the spatial bundling of all GfE Fermat’s corporate activities at the company premises in Brand-Erbisdorf.
You only have to take care of two changes:  

1. The new telephone number of GfE Fremat GmbH  
As of December 8, 2017, you will reach your contact person under the following phone number.  
Switchboard: +49 (0)37322 472 - 0     
Your contact person: +49 (0)37322 472 - plus the current extension number of your contact person         

2. The new address of GfE Fremat GmbH  
As of December 8, 2017, only the following address will apply to GfE Fremat GmbH:  
GfE Fremat GmbH, Gewerbegebiet Sued 20, 09618 Brand-Erbisdorf, Germany    

All terms and conditions as well as terms of sale and delivery and the bank details remain valid and unchanged. Our HRB number HRB 520 and our VAT ID no. DE 811304240 remain unaffected.
GfE Fremat GmbH continues to be your partner for continuity, quality and know-how in the areas of PVD coating materials, thermal spray coatings and special semi-finished products.   ORG

14.11.2017 - GfE is Vishay’s Supplier of the Year 2016

[Translate to Englisch:] GfE ist Vishays “Supplier of the Year 2016” Once again, GfE Fremat GmbH has been honoured as an outstanding supplier by Vishay BCcomponents Beyschlag:
In recognition for its excellent services in the fields of technical expertise, quality, delivery reliability, service, costs and environment, GfE has received the Supplier of the Year 2016 award, thereby naming the company as the best key supplier of the leading manufacturer of passive electronic components.
We are very proud of this award, which confirms our commitment and acts as an additional incentive for us to continue positioning ourselves as a supplier of excellence.


31.08.2017 - 5th International Sales Meeting on PVD Coating Materials

[Translate to Englisch:] 5th International Sales Meeting on PVD Coating Materials The International Sales Meeting on PVD Coating Materials hosted by GfE’s business unit Coating Materials has now been held for the fifth time. An international round-table of external guests and GfE distribution partners met for the occasion in Dresden in August. Over four days of information sharing, workshops and discussions, the latest developments and experiences about the PVD coating industry were shared. Particularly in an increasingly digitalised world, personal meetings and direct exchange have proven to be indispensable for operating successfully together across the markets.
We warmly thank all external and internal participants who attended this successful event. The next one is already in planning.


01.07.2017 - Research Project: Strips Made from Special Materials for Application in the High-tech Sector

Special semi-finished products have become increasingly significant in the rapidly developing technology sectors of electronics and medical technology over the last few years. Alongside a wide range of technical challenges, these include improving the superconductivity of foils and strips for nuclear spin topographers, as well as the manufacture of extremely thin-walled titanium cases for pacemaker casings.
Whatever the application, the demands on structure, which can only be adjusted by special forming steps, play a significant role in all application areas for special semi-finished products, whereby surface quality and dimensional accuracy are required.
The research project has succeeded in reproducibly produce a large number of special materials with high material and design requirements, including those made from titanium, niobium, tantalum and nickel and their alloys. These results are primarily attributable to the last and decisive processing step: cold rolling. The further development of existing plant technology was an important prerequisite for this.
On June 30, 2017, the project “Strips Made from Special Materials for Application in the High-tech Sector” was successfully completed. The findings that have resulted from this have allowed GfE Fremat GmbH to expand its portfolio in semi-finished products manufacturing significantly.
Project number: 100189149
Project dates: 1/7/2014 to 30/6/2017
This project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Free State of Saxony.


05.05.2017 - Inauguration of the New Production Hall for the Production of Titanium Aluminides

AMG TITANIUM ALLOYS & COATINGS  – GfE Gesellschaft für Elektrometallurgie GmbH – officially inaugurated its second production hall for the production of titanium aluminides in April 2017. The whole of the GfE workforce as well as all participating trades were invited to the inauguration ceremony in the new hall at Höfener Straße. 
The new production hall is a further important investment in the future of GfE and in the Nuremberg location. Just as the first production hall, newly erected on the GfE premises in 2015, the second hall covers approx. 1,100 square meters. Using state-of-the-art melting and casting plants, semi-finished products are being cast for turbine blades for modern aircraft engines. Made of titanium aluminide, a material considerably lighter than the one previously used, GfE products make a considerable contribution to fuel savings and, thus, to reducing CO2 emissions.
Up to 30 new jobs are created as a result of expanding our production capacities in the two new production halls.


04.04.2017 - Research Project OptiPerm: Optimized Coatings for Permeation Barriers on Functional Films

Polymer films are needed in many industries: beneficial are their low weight, an efficient industrial manufacturing process and the fact that they can be easily processed using a roll-to-roll production method. The properties of the polymer foil are adjustable with surface coatings to the respective applications. Different technologies are used in combination to achieve the desired needs. From a technological and applicative perspective, so far their interplay was only roughly taken into account. GfE is examining with further partners in the research project OptiPerm the interaction of such surface coatings. The aim is to optimize permeation barrier layer systems for functional films consisting of electron-beam crosslinked lacquer layers combined with layers applied using physical vapor deposition (PVD). Within this project GfE develops sputter targets with special compositions as material source for the permeation barrier layer with the desired properties.
The project is funded by “Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung” (EFRE) and the Free State of Saxony.
Project funding reference number: 100237958/3160
Project duration: 15.09.2015 - 14.09.2018      
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The IOB visits GfE

No matter if it's students from the surrounding vocational schools, university students, or other...


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