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Metallurgical melting

GfE produces alloys and pure metals based on refractory metals. Therefore our most important technological core competence is metallurgical melting. Due to the high reactivity of the refractory metals towards oxygen and nitrogen, the melting has to be carried out under inert gas or in a vacuum, for which purpose GfE has developed an extensive portfolio of various technologies.

We can offer our customers alloys based on titanium, vanadium, chromium, zirconium, niobium, tantalum as well as the pure metals titanium and vanadium. The technologies utilized include: 


Powder metallurgy and technology

Several materials cannot be produced by metallurgical melting or at least not in a cost-effective way. In such cases, powder metallurgical or ceramic technologies have to be used. This applies to composite materials, ceramic coating materials and aluminum base materials (aluminum titanium, aluminum chromium, aluminum silicon).

GfE powder technologies include:


Auxiliary technologies

The delivery form of the materials can be defined by our customers and includes powder, granules, lumps and qualified semi-finished products.      


Production of Vanadium Chemicals

Our vanadium sourcing is unique worldwide. We are specialized in extracting our raw material from industrial waste of power plants, gasifiers and refineries. Our aim is to work together with our customers in a partnership to achieve both environmental and economic goals.

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