Thermal sprayed coatings for electrical insulation

Rad mit elektrisch isolierender Schicht

Thermally or electrically-insulating coatings are vitally important in modern machinery and plant construction. The ever-increasing performance of system components makes insulation coatings necessary that meet the requirements. Our ceramic-based plasma coatings provide tailor-made high-performance insulation coatings.

Electrical insulation is a function needed not only in electrical engineering and electronics but also, and increasingly so, in machinery and vehicle engineering. For instance, bearing damages due to creepage or induction currents can be effectively prevented by insulating shaft connections. Our ceramic insulation coatings provide a dielectric strength of more than 2kV/0.1 mm.

Modern power electronics requires high-performance coatings that meet the demands of increasing operating voltages and high power densities. Our experience will help you to meet these challenges.

Typical materials and processes:

ProcessesApplications (examples)

Aluminum oxide 
also in combination with other ceramics (Titanium oxide, Chromium oxide)

Bild in Originalgröße anzeigenHVOF
plasma spraying
electrically insulating hubs, bearing seats, rolling contact bearing shells, casings, heat sink, circuit boards, corona rolls

For more information and technical details on coatings please refer to our product data sheets, which you can download by clicking on the icon "i".

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