Thermal sprayed coatings for increase of friction coefficient

Reibungssteigernde Beschichtung für Welle-Nabe-Verbindung
Verschleißschutzbeschichtungen mit hohem Reibwert für PKW-Bremscheiben

Similar to rough coatins in transport components, also thermal sprayed coatings are capable of increasing the friction coefficient for mating machine parts.

Under the brand name f-CER®, GfE offers coatings with a specifically high static friction coefficient against steel and other construction materials.  These GfE-manufactured ceramic layers are used, for example, in shipbuilding and vehicle construction, printing press engineering and the textile industry.  While steel-to-steel mating is usually designed with a friction coefficient of μ = 0.10...0.12, systems with f-CER® coating reach values far beyond µ = 0.5. Here are some of the resulting advantages:

  • Compact design
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Higher operational safety
  • Energy savings due to reduced moving masses

Metal and hard metallic coatings have proved especially effective for dynamically stressed friction systems such as brake discs and clutch elements. Next to a friction coefficient that remains constant over a wide temperature range, they provide excellent wear resistance and adhesion.

Here´s an overview:

MaterialsProcessesApplications (Examples)
plasma spraying

General force-locked shaft-hub connections

Detachable couplings for ship propeller shafts, wind power plants

Parking brakes for cranes, machines, wind power plants

Transport rollers, clamping jaws 

Tungsten carbide or Chromium carbide

Brake discs for vehicles, cranes, machines, conveyor systems, etc.


Tungsten carbide +
powder flame-,arc spraying

Brake discs for vehicles, cranes, machines, conveyor systems, etc.




For more information and technical details on coatings please refer to our product data sheets, which you can download by clicking on the icon "i".

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