Titanium Aluminides

turbocharger with titanium aluminide

Light, strong and high temperature resistant – these are the requirements on high performance engine materials for both aircraft and automotive applications. The major objective is to increase efficiency and decrease fuel consumption. Due to their low density of about 4 g/cm³ and high strength level up to 800 °C, intermetallic Titanium Aluminide materials are the most promising candidates to meet today´s and future challenges.

Since the early 90s, GfE has developed and industrialized both TiAl based alloys and corresponding manufacturing technologies for ingot materials and semi-finished products. Based on outstanding materials expertise,  vacuum based metallurgical melting technologies of the Ti industry have been successfully adjusted to the specific needs of the novel materials class.

Materials science meets Technology. This formula sums up GfE´s market leadership. GfE sets worldwide standards in terms of the purity, dimensional and alloy variety, materials homogeneity and reproducibility of industrially manufactured Titanium Aluminides semi-finished products for subsequent processing to components via casting, wrought processing or mechanical machining.

As a reliable supplier of Titanium Aluminides to all advanced civil aircraft engine programs GfE makes a vital contribution to the idea of green mobility: less fuel consumption, less noise,  increased overall efficiency. Ultra-light weight Titanium Aluminides valves are back in racing engines (Formula 1, Moto GP) again – thanks to renewed technical regulations. This is the best opportunity for GfE to test TiAl materials under extreme thermo-mechanical stresses and will help us to further improve materials properties and manufacturing technologies for new TiAl-based products with outstanding performance.

Our core competencies for Titanium Aluminide:

  • Development and production of adjusted master alloys for the manufacturing of TiAl-based alloys
  • Production of Titanium Aluminides ingots via vacuum arc remelting (VAR) processing
  • Production of homogeneous Titanium Aluminides semi-finished products via VAR skull melting and subsequent centrifugal casting into permanent molds
  • Recycling of qualified Titanium Aluminide scrap materials into semi-finished products via vacuum induction skull melting (VIM) and subsequent centrifugal casting into permanent molds
  • Production of extruded Titanium Aluminide rods and profiles
  • Production of rolled TiAl sheets based on homogenized cast parts
  • Extended materials diagnostics and chemical analyses

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