energy storage with vanadium redox batterie with vanadium solutions from gfe

Vanadium-Chemicals for energy storage

Vanadium sulfate produced by GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH is the starting substance for large current-capacity batteries. For these vanadium redox batteries, we produce vanadium solutions e.g., vanadium electrolyte solution (VOSO4/V2(SO4)3) or vanadyl sulfate (VOSO45H2O) in approbiate concentrations and valences. 

Vanadium Redox Batteries are flow batteries for the storage of electrochemical energy from alternative energy resources like solar or wind power. They are used for stationary as well as mobile applications.

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V Product Depiction | Chem. composition Available as Request
VOSO4 Vanadium Electrolyte Solution 1.6 M

chemically pure

VOSO4 5H2O Vanadyl Sulfate

min. 10,5% V

VOSO4 5H2O Vanadium Oxide Sulphate Pentahydrate

min. 18,5% V

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