AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings LLC

AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings LLC (AMG TAC LLC), located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, is a leading U.S. producer of titanium master alloys and other specialty alloys used in the energy, aerospace, and defense industries.


AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings LLC (AMG TAC LLC), has more than 40 years of experience in creating custom alloys. The high quality products manufactured by AMG TAG LLC are used in a range of alloys for various industries and applications.



AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings LLC offers a wide range of master alloys for the aerospace, energy, and defense industries  e.g. AlV, AlMoV, AlMoTi, Ti17.

Alloys such as our Vanadium Aluminum (AlV), Molybdenum Aluminum (AlMo), and Aluminum Chrome Tin Zirconium Molybdenum (AlCrMoSnZr) are used primarily in the manufacturing of titanium alloys.  These alloys increase anti-corrosion and heat resistance properties and are used in industries such as the automotive and aerospace industries.


Specialty and Binary Alloys

e.g. AlCr, AlCo


Binder/Infiltration Alloys

Our Infiltration Alloy binders are used in the energy industry for the production of mining and exploration tools such as Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) Drill Bits. These materials help create the wear resistant and abrasive properties.


Additional products

Additonal products can be found in our product list. Please download it here: AMG TAC LLC Product List (PDF)

Please contact us directly for further information on additional materials and grades available.


Our materials are engineered to meet the demanding needs of customers for a consistently quality product as well as developing tailor-made materials through our Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM), Open air casting, or Thermite process. AMG TAC LLC also provides additional melting services to meet customers' growing demands.

Quality-relevant certifications and approvals:

Currently, AMG TAC LLC is certified according to the following standards

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 – quality management system
  • EN 9100 – quality management system of the aerospace industry
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 – quality management system of the test and calibration laboratories

General Terms and Conditions of Sale AMG TAC LLC: GTC of Sales AMG TAC LLC (PDF)

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase AMG TAC LLC: GTC of Purchase AMG TAC LLC (PDF)

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