The IOB visits GfE


No matter if it’s students from the surrounding vocational schools, university students, or other seekers of knowledge: GfE regularly opens its doors to outside visitors and demonstrates on site its many years of experience and expertise in the field of high-performance materials.

During the week of Pentecost, we welcomed a group of 23 undergraduates and doctoral candidates from the Institut für Industrieofenbau und Wärmetechnik (Institute for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering; IOB) led by engineering professor Dr. Herbert Pfeifer to the Nuremberg plant and gave them a tour of the various production areas of GfE.

As part of an excursion week, the IOB of RWTH Aachen visited several production companies in southern Germany and Austria to gain practical insights into industrial processes. In addition, it offered the university students an opportunity to get to know interesting employers.