Metal powders

Metal powders are used in powder metallurgy for manufacturing a wide variety of materials and components. We have decades of experience in manufacturing this special powder.

Spherical powder for additive manufacturing

Spherical powder made from Ti and TiAl alloys is required for the production of complex components using additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Along with very good pourability, the particle size distribution of the powder is already adjusted during EIGA (electrode induction gas atomization) to the requirements of the different powder-based AM processes via EBM (electron beam melting) or SLM (selective laser melting) as well as for metal injection molding. Taking place completely under inert Ar gas, the manufacturing process, from atomization to sieving to packaging, guarantees the highest possible purity of the powder, especially with regard to the resulting oxygen and nitrogen content. Thanks to these properties, our metal powder can be used for complex applications in a variety of industries, such as aviation or automotive technology.

Titanium powder for medical technology

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Titanium has proven to be biocompatible and suitably modifiable as a material and is therefore extremely well-suited for application in the medical sector, such as for the manufacture of porous surfaces in human implants.

Our products …

  • HDH titanium powder
    Thanks to optimal process control in the coating technology, defined coating properties, such as adhesive strength, roughness, porosity, and stability can be achieved even in the outermost coating particles.

… for your thermal spray coatings on

  • human implants for cementless implantation technology (especially hip, knee, dental, and spinal implants 

Properties of our products

  • defined grain morphology for high coating reproducibility
  • high purity and biocompatibility
  • irregular, blocky grain shape


Titanium powder for medical technology

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Spherical powder made from Ti and TiAl alloys

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