Titanium aluminides

Need a high-performance material for your engines or motors? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Lightweight, solid, and heat-resistant – these properties are required for modern high-performance materials in engine and motor technology to increase effectiveness and lower specific fuel consumption. With an approximate density of just 4 g/cm³ and a high heat resistance to temperatures up to 800 °C, intermetallic Titanium Aluminides are the most promising class of materials for solving these challenges.

Titanium Aluminides are used as reduced-weight blades in low-pressure turbines for aircraft engines, as well as motor components in valve and piston drives for race car engines.

GfE sets global standards in terms of purity, homogeneity, range of dimensions and alloys, and reproducibility of industrially made TiAl primary materials for subsequent casting, forming, and treatment processes. 


As a reliable supplier in all modern engine programs, GfE works with their partners from engine technology to make incredible contributions to reducing environmental impact from fuel consumption and noise.


New technical rules once again make it possible to use ultra-lightweight Titanium Aluminides valves in race car engines in leading racing series (Formula 1 and MotoGP). GfE is taking advantage of the possibilities this offers for testing new results from materials research under conditions of extreme stress, so that the knowledge gained can be incorporated into the development of new products in the medium term.

Our core competencies in the use of titanium aluminides:

  • Developing and manufacturing of adjusted master alloys for the manufacturing of  Titanium Aluminides based alloys
  • Production of Titanium Aluminides ingots via vacuum arc remelting (VAR) processing
  • Manufacturing of homogenized TiAl semi-finished products in centrifugal casting by means of VAR skull melting
  • Recycling of qualified recycled TiAl material into semi-finished products via vacuum induction skull melting (ISM) and subsequent centrifugal casting into permanent molds
  • Manufacturing of extruded semi-finished rods and profiles made from Titanium Aluminides
  • Manufacturing of rolled TiAl sheets from homogenized TiAl semi-finished products 
  • Extensive material and microstructure characterization of alloys and components
  • Production of TiAl powder for additive manufacturing


Markus Löhr

Director Business Unit Titanium Aluminides

Phone: +49 (0)911 9315-476