Environment and Safety

A facility is put into operation and the safety management has to be assessed. Legal changes or new safety regulations must be implemented in the departments and communicated to the employees. Regular environmental audits and inspections must be prepared, supported, and reviewed. At GfE, the Department for Environment and Safety is responsible for all questions concerning health, safety, and environment.

Responsibility for humankind and the environment

GfE is aware of its responsibility for humans and the environment alike. The company maintains an open dialog with authorities, interest groups, customers, suppliers, and the public – we are in constant contact with residents and neighbors whose concerns are taken seriously and discussed transparently. Our company-wide safety concept serves to protect employees, business partners, and neighbors. Safe systems as well as trained and qualified staff are a prerequisite for failure-free production. Suitable personal protective equipment, safety clothing, and ergonomic office equipment for all employees are a matter of course at GfE.

Inspections and environmental audits

Four times a year, we personally present values and maintenance documents of one of the four GfE facilities to the authorities for inspection. You can view the most recent monitoring reports at any time at www.nuernberg.de .

During the annual external certification audit, the environmental, health, safety, and energy management systems are checked by an accredited company according to both the standards to be complied with and the self-imposed requirements with regard to environmental safety, safety at work, or energy management (e.g., with regard to emission control).

GfE has always pioneered safety for humans and the environment.

Accident prevention

There is no absolute safety in a company that works with chemicals and production processes in the high-pressure and high-temperature range. For this reason, transparency is all the more important. In our database, we record and evaluate all accidents, near misses, and other incidents for all sites. We use this data to learn from mistakes and to improve ourselves continuously. The number of accidents has been declining constantly for years. For example, path markers were installed on the compound and the furnaces were equipped with sensors and digital controls. Every accident is one too many; the goal is and remains eliminating them altogether.

Active environmental and health management

In 2013, an environmental and health management system was implemented, which also requires us to cooperate with various external experts. If necessary, they visit us on-site as consultants and provide input on questions such as: What responsibility do I have as a manager? What do I have to do if something happens?

Training and procedures

Occupational safety is an essential part of everyday working life. This includes regular safety discussions, risk assessments, safety training, and audits.  In 2018, for example, we trained our approximately 450 employees at all sites for around 6,000 hours in addition to the legally required safety instructions.
In order to further promote the safety awareness of our employees and to minimize dangers, we have started various internal measures. The acceptance of rules and regulations is not the only factor for successful occupational safety – the exemplary function of our managers, the active commitment of every employee, and an open dialog are also key components. This is the only way we can benefit from experience and learn from past mistakes.


Veit Falkenberg

Head of Environment & Safety

Phone: +49 (0)911 9315-629