Special semi-finished products PRODUCT OVERVIEW

Special semi-finished products – product overview

Our available dimensions and formats for special semi-finished products can be found in the overview below:


Product thickness | diameter | surface size
plates 8–20 mm thick, machined max. width 350 mm
sheets 4–6 mm thick max. width 600 mm
sheets 1–4 mm thick max. width 1000 mm
bands 0.1–2 mm thick max. width 200 mm
rods ø 4–18 mm, hammered length up to 3,000 mm
rods ø ≥ 20 mm, processed, turned length ≥ 1,000 mm


Please send us an inquiry for other dimensions, special formats, shaped parts, profiles, or sputtering targets.

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Dr. Marcel Roth

Product Manager Semi-finished Products

Phone: +49 (0)37322 472-536