Special semi-finished products

Need a semi-finished product made from a special material? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Over 40 years of experience in the areas of metal forming, heat treatment, and melting technology have made GfE into experts on semi-finished production.  We combine our technological and materials technology expertise within the value chain – from shaping to custom semi-finished product or component; furthermore, we have an array of manufacturing equipment for further processing. This allows us to process even special material compositions, for example, or meet high requirements for size accuracy in semi-finished products.

Refractory metals –
make use of our extensive experience

GfE supplies special semi-finished products made from refractory metals and other alloys as individual pieces or small and large batches, including in the form of tantalum tape and niobium or titanium plates. By individually choosing the purity of the materials used and adapting the manufacturing technologies, we can specifically set the desired material properties. A variety of mechanical processing technologies allow even ready-to-use shaped parts and components to be manufactured based on drawings.
The following materials are used for our special semi-finished parts:  

  • refractory metals (e.g. tantalum, niobium, zirconium, titanium, and their alloys)
  • special alloys (e.g. nickel silver, nickel and copper alloys)
  • special steel alloys
  • soft solder alloys

Quality, security of supply, and reproducibility are our top priorities. We answer all your questions about the manufacturing and use of our products. In addition, we provide you with competent individual materials consulting and development, tailored to your specific application.

Special semi-finished products for many industries

Our products are applicable to a wide variety of industries:

  • Energy and environmental technology (e.g. for electrodes and superconductors)
  • Furnace construction (e.g. furnace linings)
  • Chemical plants and apparatus engineering (e.g. for fittings)
  • Medical technology (e.g. for pacemaker components)
  • Precision engineering and watchmaking
  • Measuring technology (e.g. for thermocouples, strain gauges)
  • Textile machinery (e.g. for spinnerets)


An overview of the services we offer for special semi-finished products can be found in our white paper
Special Semi-finished Products: Melting and Forming of Special Semi-finished Products (PDF).

Your contact 

Dr. Marcel Roth

Product Manager Semi-finished Products

Phone: +49 (0)37322 472-536