Vanadium chemicals

GfE develops and produces high-purity vanadium products such as vanadium oxide (e.g. vanadium pentoxide) and solutions containing vanadium (e.g. sodium vanadate solution) for a wide variety of applications in different industry branches.

Decades of experience in extracting vanadium from combustion and gasification residues have made GfE Metalle und Materialien into experts on vanadium chemistry. In our production, our top priority is to conserve natural resources and 100% processing of residues.

We provide our customers with competent individual advice in all areas, in addition to maximum quality and safety. We would be happy to discuss and clear up any questions you have regarding production processes, manufacturing methods, and supply forms for vanadium oxides and our other vanadium products.


As our customer, you are our partner – and we’re happy to share our expertise with you. Close and transparent cooperation with our product development allows us to provide you with custom solutions to your inquiries. Have questions about production processes, manufacturing methods, or supply forms? In addition to maximum quality and safety, we also offer competent individual consulting.


Our processes for extracting vanadium compounds are easy on the environment – leaving nature and resources untouched.  Furthermore, our top priority in our production is to conserve natural resources and 100% processing of residues.

Vanadium chemicals for many industries

With us, you can get high-purity vanadium chemicals for the following industries:

The vanadium prepared at GfE is needed for passive components in electronics, among other things, to manufacture small and efficient ferrites. It is also used in batteries in human medicine, such as in defibrillators.

Enamel with a low melting point is required for enameling aluminum, such as for frying pans and appliance housing. Vanadium compounds from GfE impart these properties to enamel. Our vanadium chemicals also replace the toxic lead oxide that was previously used. The enamel coating manufactured with our vanadium compounds boast impressive, unaltered colors.

The vanadium redox battery is a flow battery for storing electrochemical energy from alternative energy sources like solar and wind farms. It can be used in both stationary and mobile applications.

Vanadium develops a wide variety of colors in its compounds – depending on the degree of oxidation, mixture with other metal oxides, and the individual formula. It can also act as a substitute for harmful components in paints such as cadmium, lead, and diazo compounds.

Base colors in blue and yellow for ceramic vessels and tiles are made using vanadium chemicals and other metal oxides such as zirconium oxide and tin oxide as pigments.

GfE offers products with required specifications for special formulas in dye production, such as the production of bismuth vanadate, as a lightfast and temperature-resistant yellow pigment in varnishes and plastics.

One use of vanadium is to absorb unwanted sunlight. Manufacturers of container glass use this for beverage bottles with contents sensitive to UV light. Glass in display windows and fire doors can be equipped accordingly as well.  The effect of containing infrared heat radiation is used for car windshields and glass ceramic on stovetops, among other applications.

Our high-purity vanadium chemicals are used for industrial and automobile catalysts to comply with current emission standards. Applications include catalytic converters for stationary and mobile NOx removal.

Vanadium chemicals are used in catalytic converters for manufacturing the following products:

  • maleic anhydride
  • phthalic anhydride
  • adipic acid
  • acrylic acid
  • epoxides
  • EPDM rubber

These substances are further processed into synthetic resins, chlorine-free solvents, plasticizers, nylon, and polyurethane.

Our vanadium chemicals are used to manufacture vanadium carbides, which are used for grain refinement in carbide alloys. Vanadium chemicals are also used in the manufacturing of vanadium aluminum for the titanium alloy industry. The resulting alloys are used in both the aerospace industry and the manufacturing of sports equipment such as tennis rackets, golf clubs, bicycles, and rollers.

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