What do the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, an airplane turbine, and a sports watch all have in common? Or the Haneda Airport Tokyo, the earpiece of a pair of sports goggles, and a flute? Knee implants, police vests, and bicycle frames – these all contain titanium or titanium alloys.

Creating added value

What the mixture of copper and tin was to the Bronze Age, today’s alloys with boron or chromium, molybdenum or niobium, titanium or vanadium, tin or zirconium are to us – the approximately twenty metals that GfE processes can be turned into a number of high-quality compounds. The principle is the same: Metals mixed with alloys (titanium or steel) receive optimized properties: they are high-strength, resistant to corrosion or temperature, more malleable and moldable, and thus meet the highest technical standards.

Committed to research

GfE has always felt committed to research and science.
So our development department has continually coordinated their
technologies and methods with the requirements of our customers or developed new materials for specific customer needs
for more than a century. In addition to major customers from around the world, we also work closely with universities and
research institutes.

Our alloys make up only a fraction of the main alloy, but are essential to their optimum properties.

Director of International Sales, Business Unit Alloys

Professional consultation

Decades of experience make it possible for us to manufacture alloys for our customers of the highest quality and with different specifications for the respective properties needed, as one of the world’s leading providers. Professional consultation on raw materials and their availability is just as much a matter of course as the expertise or the perfect technology. This knowledge makes our customers into long-term partners.

Quality through connection

Final products produced using GfE alloys meet the highest of safety standards. The same is just as true of products for aerospace technology as those in the sports and leisure industry, or for the automotive industry and offshore parks or materials in shipbuilding.

Connection through quality

GfE alloys create extra quality. The company has the highest standards in place for its production processes for this purpose. Expertise and experience meet decades of precise work and a full range of test procedures, quality control, and chemical analysis; from visual and UV light inspection, X-ray examination, ICP spectroscopy, and gas analysis to scanning electron microscopy.

about quality management

Our maxim: deliver reliable high-quality material

Director Business Unit Alloys